What Is Memorial Jewellery?

One of the toughest parts of our job is when a customer requests a special commission to remember somebody who is no longer with us. These have ranged from rings, bangles and pendants designed with cavities to enclose ashes to laser engraving a fingerprint onto a simple disc pendant or charm and lots of bespoke memorial ideas in between.

When commissioning an item of memorial jewellery with a bespoke jeweller you have the opportunity to request it be designed to include anything that is special to you. This might be a particular shape, or to depict an item that is important to you such as in instrument, boat, feather, football etc. You may wish certain colours be included or engraving text that is poignant to you, possibly even their signature scanned and laser engraved on the item.

Remember, this commission is to remember an individual, you need not settle for something off the shelf. A genuine bespoke jeweller will be able to create an item of jewellery as unique as the person it is in memory of.

Yellow Gold Memorial Feather Pendant Designed And Manufactured By FANCI Fine Jewellery, Southampton, UK.

Most bespoke jewellers should be able to create computer designs to illustrate exactly what your commission will look like prior to manufacture. As well as a computer design, make sure you request a 3D print before the item is made. With an item as emotionally charged as memorial jewellery, it is important that both the customer and the jeweller are on exactly the same page when it comes to how the finished commission will look and feel.

Don’t be afraid to ask for design changes. When your jeweller presents you with a computer design and a 3D print, if the item is not exactly as you require it please ask for it to be amended. Every time you look at the finished commission it is important your thoughts are with the person it’s in memory of, not with any aspect of the item which isn’t as you would have liked it.

If you are considering at item of memorial jewellery, contact the team at FANCI Fine Jewellery for a free, no obligation conversation to discuss the options and, more importantly, what you would like to achieve. www.fanci.co.uk . Email: shop@fanci.co.uk . Phone: +44 (0)23 8020 1717.



Chris Nash of FANCI Fine Jewellery, Southampton, UK